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BGISD Results on the 2023 Kentucky Summative Assessments 

Proficient Reading: 24% | Distinguished Reading: 21% | Proficient Math: 29% | Distinguished Math: 14%

2024-25 CALENDAR

First page of the PDF file: 2024-2025Calendar1
PDF file: 2024-2025CalendarSPANISH
PDF file: 2024-2025CalendarSWAHILI

New to 2024-2025 is the addition of four Early Release Days for all K-12 students: September 18, 2024, January 15, 2025, February 26, 2025, and March 26, 2025. These afternoons will provide more time for extended planning and data review for K-12 faculty. The 2023-2026 District Improvement Plan prioritizes increasing student achievement, including providing resources for teachers and time to collaborate. Early release days are four afternoons, strategically planned to provide more time for collaboration, learning, and working together, and continuing to improve our work for students. 

On each of the Early Release Days, schools will dismiss two hours earlier than a typical school day. Early Release afternoons offer opportunities for families to schedule appointments for students without missing school: checkups, orthodontists, etc. And, the advance notice of the days also allows for families and groups to coordinate childcare options.

Each of the four days will have common goals and a set schedule for faculty and staff. The scheduling of days is intentional, both the time of the year, and with a preference for Wednesdays over Fridays. Wednesdays were selected based on the understanding that these days are dedicated to planning and collaboration rather than an early start to the weekend.

Kentucky school districts are required to be in school a minimum of 170 student attendance days, or 1,062 instructional hours. BGISD students will attend 175 days in 2024-25. School districts must also provide school staff a minimum of four professional development days and four paid holidays within the calendar, and must be closed for the Presidential Election on Tuesday, November 5, 2024, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 20, 2025.