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BGISD to Participate in Statewide Dataseam Initiative

BGISD to participate in Dataseam Program

Bowling Green Independent Schools will soon participate in the Louisville-based Dataseam economic and workforce development initiative. BGISD is one of 55 of Kentucky public K-12 districts in the program, which represents nearly 40% of the state’s 634,424 students. 

As a Dataseam participant, BGISD will have access to industry-standard technical training and certification for its IT teams, teacher professional development, and U.S. Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeships for Information Technology, providing 2-year skilled trades certification for high school juniors and seniors. 

Dataseam’s mission is to improve and grow Kentucky’s technology workforce while districts earn computers through Dataseam to drive advanced curriculum opportunities for students at all grade levels.

Bowling Green High School and Bowling Green Junior High will both have new Apple publication labs installed during summer 2024. These computers, earned through the program, will be connected in the statewide DataseamGrid, helping the University of Louisville in the innovation and commercialization of cancer therapies and other Commonwealth-based research. Students from participating counties are eligible for the Dataseam Scholars and other scholarship awards funded by the University of Louisville to support careers in engineering, health sciences, technology, and STEM education.

Dataseam is currently executing nearly $10,000,000 in state and federal funding as part of its workforce programs. The organization recently received a $3,500,000 budget appropriation from the 2024 Kentucky General Assembly.

About Dataseam
Dataseam provides education and workforce development opportunities to 55 participating Kentucky K-12 public school districts as part of research computing infrastructure advancing Kentucky-based innovation and commercialization. More information at

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