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BGISD Results on the 2023 Kentucky Summative Assessments 

Proficient Reading: 24% | Distinguished Reading: 21% | Proficient Math: 29% | Distinguished Math: 14%

Student and Family Counseling

Tanner Steelman, LCSW
Chelsee Dalcourt, Student and Family Counselor
Katie Wood, Student and Family Counselor
Walter McCombs, Social Worker

Bowling Green Learning Center, 503 Old Morgantown Road

Students needing to speak with a Student and Family Counselor may call  270-599-1610. To refer a student for a non-emergency, complete this referral form.

Trauma-Informed Plan

BGISD Student and Family Counseling is a comprehensive care program that supports student academic progress, student attendance, and mental health needs. Staff are trained to recognize and react to traumatic childhood experiences, including but not limited to suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse or problematic sexual behavior, substance use/abuse, and abuse and neglect. The following services are easily accessible and available to BGISD students and their families:

  • Needs Assessment

  • Behavior Support Planning

  • Individual, Family, and Group Counseling

  • Crisis Management

  • IEP Collaboration

  • Alternatives to Suspension

  • Social/Emotional Groups and Activities

  • Referral to Community Partners

  • Emergency Screening and Evaluations

  • Consultation with Teachers and Administrators 

Supports, Collaboration & Partnerships:

  • Department of Community Based Services

  • Law Enforcement

  • Western Kentucky University

  • BRIGHT Coalition

  • Save Our Kids Coalition

  • GUS Team: Police & Social Services


Growth occurs when individuals confront problems, struggle to master them, and through that struggle develop new aspects of their skills, capacities, views about life.  ~Carl Rogers