BGISD teachers and leaders work together to make sure all students have a high-quality elementary school experience. Using the Kentucky Academic Standards, teachers have determined consistent expectations for each grade level, and beginning in 2023-2024 all elementary schools, grades K-5 will transition from reporting student progress with traditional grades to Standards Based Reporting.

Standards Based Reporting includes communicating clear expectations, called Mastery Learning Targets, and informing students and families about what a child knows and is able to do. Behaviors and social skills, such as turning in and completing assignments, and effort are communicated separately. Although important for success in school and life, behaviors should not inflate or deflate a student's academic mastery level, or their understanding of grade level standards.

Progression to Mastery Scale

Teacher Rubric
Student Friendly



An E  indicates the student has advanced understanding and exceeds grade-level expectations. A student receiving an E demonstrates academically superior skills on that specific topic. The student provides evidence of advanced knowledge or skill. Not all students will attain this level on the scale.

I can demonstrate learning that goes above and beyond what was taught.



A M indicates the student has proficient understanding and meets grade level expectations. We want all students to reach this level on the scale. A student receiving a M is right on track with our academic expectations.

 I have mastered my learning.

Partial Mastery


A PM indicates the student has foundational understanding and is partially proficient at meeting grade-level expectations. A student receiving a PM understands the foundational concepts or skills, but has not yet reached the proficient level. A PM indicates that the students’ performance varies in consistency with regard to accuracy, quality, and level of support needed.

 I can sometimes do it by myself, but sometimes I need help.



A Beg indicates the student has minimal understanding and needs significant guidance and support to show what he or she knows about the content on the scale.

I need help to do it.