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BGISD Results on the 2023 Kentucky Summative Assessments 

Proficient Reading: 24% | Distinguished Reading: 21% | Proficient Math: 29% | Distinguished Math: 14%

BGISD Non-Resident Student Application

The Bowling Green Independent School District accepts enrollment of non-resident students from surrounding districts and counties. The enrollment of new non-resident students may not exceed the school building capacity. Capacity per grade may be further limited by annual staffing of each school, to not exceed pupil: teacher ratios by grade level.

The Bowling Green Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sex, or disability in enrollment, education programs, or activities set forth in Office of Civil Rights Law, Title VI, VII, Title IX, ADA and Section 504.

BGISD does not provide transportation outside of the district boundaries for non-resident students.

An annual tuition of $500 will be charged to each nonresident student to offset the local tax assessed to residents.

Students who become non-resident students mid-year due to a household move or change in parent/guardian employment status may continue enrollment in BGISD, but will become a non-resident, tuition student and charged prorated tuition based on the date of the student address change or end of employment and remaining school year. 

New students are admitted to BGISD based on date of application, with priority enrollment to those applying before March 31, 2024.

Non-resident students will be notified about enrolling for the upcoming year on or soon after April 15th. Students may continue to complete the application and enroll after April 15th, as long as the enrollment of non-resident students may not exceed the capacity of each school.
Annual Process of Enrollment:
1st: Current students. (Including students who have moved from resident to non-resident status. An application is not required for current students.)
2nd: Siblings of current students.

3rd: K-5 resident students requesting a change in elementary school enrollment, up to capacity limitations.
4th: New non-resident students admitted by date of application, up to capacity limitations.


Map of the Bowling Green City School District